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Change the Chart Layout
Change the Chart Layout
You can customize your chart’s appearance by using Excel’s preset chart-layout options to change
the chart layout. Changing the chart layout changes how Excel positions chart elements. For
example, you may prefer to show a legend on the side of the chart rather than on the bottom. Or,
you might want a chart title to appear above the chart rather than below it. Or, you might not want
to display a chart title at all.
The various preset chart layouts are available on the Design tab. To display this tab, select the chart
whose layout you want to change by clicking any chart edge.
Change the Chart Layout
1 Click an edge of the chart to
select it.
A Handles surround the chart.
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Quick Layout .
B A palette of layouts appears.
You can point the mouse at
each layout to preview its
4 Click a layout.
C Excel applies the new layout
to the existing chart.
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