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Add Chart Elements
Add Chart Elements
You can add a variety of elements to your chart. For example, you can include or exclude axes,
axis titles, a chart title, data labels, a data table, error bars, gridlines, a legend, and a trendline.
Remember that displaying too many elements on a chart can make it hard to understand. Because a
picture — a chart, in this case — is supposed to be worth 1,000 words, making a chart difficult to
understand by including too many elements defeats the purpose of presenting the chart. This section
shows you how to add axis titles; you use the same technique to add any chart element.
Add Chart Elements
1 Click an edge of the chart to
select it.
A Handles surround the chart.
2 Click .
B The Chart Elements pane
You can point the mouse at an
element to preview it.
3 Select a new element to add or
deselect an element to remove
changes to
changes to ).
You can click again to close
the Chart Elements pane.
C Excel applies the change to your
Note: If you add any type of title,
Excel inserts dummy text
representing the title.
D You can change the dummy title
text. Click the title box to select
it. Click again inside the box and
select the dummy text. Then,
type your replacement title.
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