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Format Chart Objects
Format Chart Objects
You can change the formatting of any element, or object , in a chart, such as the background
pattern for the plot area or the color of a data series. You use the Format pane to apply
formatting to selected objects. The pane appears automatically when you format an object.
The available settings in the Format pane change, depending on the object you select. This section
shows you how to add a fill color to the chart area, which is the area behind your data in the chart.
You can apply these same techniques to format other chart objects.
Format Chart Objects
1 Click the object that you want
to format.
To add a fill to the chart area,
select the chart by clicking an
edge of the chart, as shown in
this example.
2 Click the Format tab.
3 Click Format Selection .
A The Format pane appears.
Note: The options available in the
pane change, depending on the
object you selected in Step .
B You can click to display
other chart elements to format.
C You can click here to display
chart area fill, effects, or size
and properties formatting you
can apply.
D You can click here to apply a
variety of text formatting to
the chart area.
4 Click the type of formatting
that you want to change.
E Excel displays the effect.
5 Change any format settings.
6 Click
to close the Format
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