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Change the Chart Data
Change the Chart Data
You can quickly and easily filter the information displayed in your chart. Whenever you change
data referenced in your chart, Excel automatically updates the chart to reflect your changes. But
suppose that your chart shows several months of sales data for several products and you want to
focus on one month only. There is no need to create a new chart; you can simply filter your existing
chart. Similarly, you can display sales data for only certain products instead of all products, again,
without creating a new chart. When you are ready, you can easily redisplay all data in your chart.
Change the Chart Data
1 Click an edge of the chart that
you want to change to select it.
A Handles surround the chart.
2 Click .
B The Filter pane appears.
You can point the mouse at an
element to preview it.
3 Deselect a series or category that
you want to remove (
to ).
4 Repeat Step as necessary to 3
remove additional series or
5 Click Apply .
C Excel applies the change to your
6 Click
again to close the Filter
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