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Using Sparklines to View Data Trends
Using Sparklines to View Data Trends
You can place a micro-chart of data in a single cell in your worksheet. Excel refers to these
microcharts as sparkline charts.
You can create three types of sparkline charts: line, column, or win/loss. All three show you, at a
glance, trend information for a range of data you select. Excel places a sparkline chart in the cell
immediately beside the cells you use to create the chart; if that cell contains data, Excel places the
chart on top of the data, obscuring it but not deleting it. You can then move the sparkline chart to
any cell you choose.
Using Sparklines to View Data Trends
Insert a Sparkline Chart
Note: To avoid later moving a sparkline
chart, make sure an empty cell appears
beside the cells you intend to chart.
1 Select the cells containing the data
you want to include in the sparkline
2 Click to display Quick Analysis
3 Click Sparklines .
4 Click the type of sparkline chart you
want to insert.
This example creates a column
sparkline chart.
A Excel inserts the sparkline chart in
the cell immediately next to the
selected cells.
B The Sparkline Tools tab appears.
C Any data in the cell containing the
sparkline becomes obscured but
remains in the worksheet, as you
can see in the Formula bar.
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