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Using Sparklines to View Data Trends
Working with Charts
Move a Sparkline Chart
1 Click the cell containing a
sparkline chart that you want to
2 Click the Design tab.
3 Click Edit Data .
The Edit Sparklines dialog box
4 Select a new location in the
worksheet for the sparkline
Note: The number of cells you select
at the new location must match the
number of sparklines you want to
5 Click OK.
D Excel moves the sparkline
E Any previously obscured data
becomes visible.
Note: To delete a sparkline chart,
right-click it and point to Sparklines.
Then, click Clear Selected
Sparklines or Clear Selected
Sparkline Groups .
Can I create multiple sparkline charts simultaneously?
Yes. You can select data on multiple rows; Excel creates a
sparkline chart for each row and treats the sparkline charts
as a group; for example, if you change the chart type of one
sparkline, Excel changes the group.
Can I change the type of sparkline chart?
Yes. Click the cell containing the sparkline
to display the Sparkline Tools Design tab; in
the Type group, click a different chart type.
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