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Create a Photo Album Presentation
Create a Photo Album Presentation
You can quickly turn any collection of digital photos on your computer into a slide show
presentation in PowerPoint. For example, you might compile your photos from a recent vacation
into a presentation. Alternatively, you might gather your favorite photos of a friend or loved one in a
presentation. To liven up the presentation, you can include captions with your photos. You can also
vary the layout of slides, including having one (the default), two, three, or more photos per slide.
You can then share the presentation with others, or e-mail the file to family and friends.
Create a Photo Album Presentation
1 Click the Insert tab.
2 Click Photo Album .
The Photo Album dialog box
3 Click the File/Disk button.
The Insert New Pictures dialog
box appears.
4 Navigate to the folder or drive
containing the digital pictures
that you want to use.
5 Click the pictures that you
want to use.
To use multiple pictures, you
can press and hold
clicking the pictures.
6 Click Insert .
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