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Create a Photo Album Presentation
Creating a Presentation
A You can change the picture order
using these buttons.
B To remove a picture, you can
select it in the Pictures in Album
list (
changes to
) and then
click Remove .
C You can use the tool buttons to
change the picture orientation,
contrast, and brightness levels.
7 Click Create .
PowerPoint creates the slide
show as a new presentation
D Each picture appears on its
own slide.
E The first slide in the show is
a title slide, containing the
title “Photo Album” and your
How do I fit multiple pictures onto a single slide and
add captions?
Click the Insert tab, and then click beside Photo Album
and choose Edit Photo Album . In the Edit Photo Album
dialog box, click the Picture layout and choose to display
as many as four pictures on a slide, with or without title
text ( A ). Select Captions below All pictures ( changes
to ) ( B ). If this option is grayed out, choose a different
Picture Layout option. Click Update ( C ). You can type your
captions after closing the Photo Album dialog box.
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