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Change PowerPoint Views
Change PowerPoint Views
You can use views in PowerPoint to change how your presentation appears on-screen. By default,
PowerPoint displays your presentation in Normal view, with thumbnails of each slide showing
the order of slides in your presentation. You can view the Outline tab to see your presentation in an
outline format, or switch to Slide Sorter view to see all the slides at the same time.
In addition to changing PowerPoint views, you can use the PowerPoint zoom settings to change
the magnification of a slide. You can also change the size of the panes in the PowerPoint window,
making them larger or smaller as needed.
Change PowerPoint Views
Using Normal View
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click the Normal button.
A You can also use these buttons
to switch views.
B Thumbnails of slides appear here.
C The currently selected slide
appears here; its thumbnail
displays an orange border.
Using Outline View
1 Click View .
2 Click Outline View .
D PowerPoint displays the
presentation in an outline
E You can click the outline text
to edit it.
F You can click a slide icon to
view the slide.
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