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Change PowerPoint Views
Creating a Presentation
Using Reading View
1 Click .
Note: You can also click the View tab and
then click Reading View .
PowerPoint hides the ribbon and fills
the screen with the first slide in the
G To view the next slide, click the slide
or click .
H To view the previous slide, click .
I To display a menu of available options
while reading a presentation, click
J You can click to redisplay the
presentation in Normal view.
Using Slide Sorter View
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click the Slide Sorter button.
PowerPoint displays thumbnails of all
slides in the presentation.
K Under each slide is a number
representing its position in the
You can drag any slide to reposition it
in the presentation.
You can double-click a slide to switch
to Normal view and display the slide’s
How do I zoom my view of a slide?
You can drag the Zoom slider, which appears beside the view buttons
on the status bar at the bottom of the PowerPoint window. Or, you
can click the View tab, click the Zoom button, and choose the
desired magnification in the Zoom dialog box that opens. Click the
Fit to Window button on the View tab to return slides to the default
size for the current view.
Can I resize the PowerPoint pane?
Yes. Position the mouse pointer
over the pane’s border. When
changes to , click and drag
inward or outward to resize the
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