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Work with Backstage View
Work with Backstage View
You can click the File tab to display Backstage view, which resembles a menu. Backstage is the
place to go when you need to manage documents or change program behavior. In Backstage view,
you find a list of actions — you can think of them as commands — that you can use to, for example,
open, save, print, remove sensitive information, and distribute documents as well as set Word program
behavior options. You can also use Backstage to manage the places on your computer hard drive or in
your network that you use to store documents and to manage your Office Online account.
Work with Backstage View
1 Click the File tab to display
Backstage view.
A Commonly used file and
program management
commands appear here.
B Buttons you can click appear
C Information related to the
button you click appears
here. Each time you click a
button, the information
shown to the right changes.
Note: The New, Close, and
Options commands do not display
buttons or information, but take
other actions. See Chapter 2 for
2 Click here to return to the
open document.
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