Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Insert Slides
Creating a Presentation
A A gallery of slide layouts
4 Click a slide layout.
B PowerPoint adds a new slide
after the one you selected in
Step .
C The new slide uses the layout
you selected in Step .
What happens if I click the Slides from Outline
You can use this command to create a presentation
from an outline you created in another program, such
as Microsoft Word. PowerPoint creates one slide for each
heading style you applied; if you did not apply heading
styles to the outline, PowerPoint creates slides for each
Can I duplicate several slides simultaneously?
Yes. Select the slides you want to duplicate; you
can press and hold as you click each slide.
Then, click the bottom of the New Slide button
and click Duplicate Selected Slides . PowerPoint
inserts all of the duplicate slides after the last
slide you selected.
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