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Change the Slide Size
Creating a Presentation
PowerPoint displays a message, asking how
you want to handle content on the new slide
A Click Maximize to increase the size of the
slide content when you scale to a larger slide
size. Be aware that your content might not fit
on the slide.
B Click Ensure Fit to decrease the size of your
content when you scale to a smaller slide size.
Although the slide content might appear
smaller, you can see all content on your slide.
C PowerPoint resizes all of the slides
in the presentation.
Note: You might need to reapply a
Can I establish a size for my slides other than 4:3 or 16:9?
Yes. Complete Steps to and, from the drop-down menu, click 3
Custom Slide Size . In the dialog box that appears, use the Slides
sized for ( A ) to select a slide size. You can also specify slide
width, height, numbering, and orientation. Click OK to apply your
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