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Chapter 14: Populating Presentation Slides
Populating Presentation Slides
Edit Slide Text
1 Click in the text box where
you want to edit the
PowerPoint selects the text
box and displays an insertion
point in the text box.
2 Make any changes that you
want to the slide text.
You can use the keyboard arrow
keys to position the insertion
point in the text, or you can
click where you want to make a
3 When you finish, click anywhere
outside the text box.
What should I do if my text does not fit in the text box, or fit the
way I want?
You can resize the text, as described in the next section, or you can
drag one of the handles of the text box to enlarge it, as shown here.
When you position the mouse pointer over a handle,
changes to
, ,
, or
. When you drag, the mouse pointer changes to
( A ).
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