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Work with the Ribbon
Work with the Ribbon
In Office 2013, you use the Ribbon to select commands. On each Ribbon tab, you find groups of
related command buttons. Each button performs a common task. Some tabs appear only when
needed. For example, if you select a picture, the Ribbon displays the Picture Tools tab.
In all Office programs, you can customize the Ribbon. You can create your own Ribbon tab that
contains the buttons you use most often; that way, you do not need to switch tabs to use a
particular command.
Work with the Ribbon
Using the Ribbon
1 Click the tab containing the command
you want to use.
2 Click the command.
A Buttons with arrows (
) display
additional commands.
B You can click the dialog box launcher
( ) to display a dialog box of
additional settings.
Create a Ribbon Tab
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Options to display the Options
dialog box.
3 Click Customize Ribbon .
4 Click the tab you want to appear to the
left of the new tab.
5 Click New Tab .
C Word creates a new tab and a new
group on that tab. To reposition the
tab, click it and click the arrows.
6 Click New Tab (Custom) .
7 Click Rename to display the Rename
dialog box.
8 Type a name for your tab and click OK.
9 Click New Group (Custom) and repeat
Steps and to rename the group. 8
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