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Change the Font, Size, and Color
Change the Font, Size, and Color (continued)
In addition to changing the text’s font and size, you can change its color. You might do so to make
the text stand out better against the background, or to coordinate with colors used in other slide
elements such as photographs.
You can change the text color in a few different ways. For example, you can select a color from the
Font Color button on the Home tab, or you can open the Colors dialog box and select a color from
the palette that appears. In addition, you can apply your own custom color to text.
Change the Font, Size, and Color (continued)
Choose a Coordinating Color
1 Click in the text box and
select the text that you want
to edit.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click next to the Font
Color button ( ).
A PowerPoint displays
coordinating theme colors
designed to go with the
current slide design.
4 Click a color.
B PowerPoint applies the color
you chose to the selected
You can click anywhere
outside the text box to
continue working.
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