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Change the Font, Size, and Color
Populating Presentation Slides
Choose a Color in the Colors
Dialog Box
1 Click in the text box and select
the text that you want to edit.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click next to the Font Color
button ( ).
4 Click More Colors .
The Colors dialog box appears.
5 Click the Standard tab.
6 Click a color.
C A comparison between the current
and new colors appears here.
7 Click OK.
PowerPoint applies the color you
chose to the selected text.
You can click anywhere outside the
text box to continue working.
How do I set a custom color?
You can set your own custom color for use with the slide text or other
slide elements. Follow these steps:
1 Open the Colors dialog box, as shown in this section, and click the
Custom tab.
2 Click the color that you want to customize.
3 Drag the intensity arrow to adjust the color intensity.
A You can also adjust the color channel settings.
4 Click OK.
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