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Set Line Spacing
Set Line Spacing
You can change the line spacing in a PowerPoint slide to create more or less space between lines
of text in the slide. For example, you might want to increase line spacing from the 1.0 setting
to a larger setting so the text fills up more space in the text box, or to make the text easier to read.
If, after increasing the line spacing, your text does not fit in the text box, you can reduce the line
spacing or increase the size of the text box, as described in the tip in the section “Add and Edit
Slide Text.”
Set Line Spacing
1 Click in the text box and
select the text that you want
to edit.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Line Spacing
button ( ).
4 Click a line spacing amount.
A PowerPoint applies the line
spacing. This example applies
1.5 spacing.
You can click anywhere
outside the text box to
continue working.
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