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Add a Table to a Slide
Add a Table to a Slide
You can customize the layout of a slide by adding a table to it. You can add tables to your slides
to organize data in an orderly fashion. For example, you might use a table to display a list of
products or classes. Tables use a column-and-row format to present information.
After you add the table to your slide, you can control the placement and size of the table. (For
help moving and resizing tables and other slide objects, see the sections “Move a Slide Object” and
“Resize a Slide Object,” later in this chapter.)
Add a Table to a Slide
1 Click the slide to which you want
to add a table.
2 If an Insert Table icon ( )
appears in your slide, click it.
A If an Insert Table icon does not
appear in your slide, click the
Table button on the Insert tab
and choose Insert Table .
The Insert Table dialog box
3 Type the number of columns that
you want to appear in the table.
4 Type the number of rows that you
want to appear in the table.
Note: If you need more rows, just
press in the last table cell, and
PowerPoint automatically adds a row.
5 Click OK.
B PowerPoint inserts the table into
the slide.
C PowerPoint displays the Table
Tools tabs.
D You can change the table’s
appearance by clicking a style in
the Table Styles group.
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