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Add a Table to a Slide
Populating Presentation Slides
6 Click inside the first table cell
and type your data.
You can press
to move to
the next table cell.
7 Continue typing in each cell to
fill the table.
E You can use the tools in the
Layout tab to merge or split
table cells, change alignment,
add borders, and more.
F You can resize columns or rows
by dragging their borders.
When you finish typing table
data, click anywhere outside the
table to continue working.
How do I add a row or column to my
To add a row to the bottom of the table,
click in the last table cell and press .
To insert a row in the middle of the table
or add a column anywhere in the table,
follow these steps:
1 Click in a cell adjacent to where you
want to insert a new row or column.
2 Click the Layout tab.
3 Click one of these buttons.
A PowerPoint inserts a new row or
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