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Add a Chart to a Slide
Add a Chart to a Slide
You can customize the layout of a slide by adding a chart to it. You might add a chart to a
PowerPoint slide to turn numeric data into a visual element that your audience can quickly
interpret and understand. When you add a chart, PowerPoint launches an Excel window, which you
use to enter the chart data.
After you add a chart to a slide, you can control the placement and size of the chart. (For help
moving and resizing charts and other slide objects, see the sections “Move a Slide Object” and
“Resize a Slide Object,” later in this chapter.)
Add a Chart to a Slide
1 If an Insert Chart icon ( )
appears in your slide, click it.
A If an Insert Chart icon does
not appear in your slide, click
the Chart button on the
Insert tab.
The Insert Chart dialog box
2 Click a chart category.
3 Click a chart type.
B A preview of the chart
appears here.
4 Click OK.
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