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Work with the Ribbon
Office Basics
Add Buttons
1 Click the group on the tab you
2 Click a command.
D If the command you want does not
appear in the list, click the list box
arrow ( ) and select All Commands .
3 Click Add .
E The command appears below the
group you created.
4 Repeat Steps and for each button 3
you want to add to the group.
5 Click OK.
F The new tab appears on the Ribbon.
If you positioned your tab as the
first tab, it will appear each time you
open the program.
How do I assign keyboard shortcuts to the buttons I add to
my group?
You do not need to assign keyboard shortcuts; the program
assigns them for you, based on the keys already assigned to
commands appearing on the tab where you placed your group.
Be aware that you can place the same button on two different
tabs, and if you do, the program assigns different keyboard
shortcuts to that button on each tab.
What can I do if I decide that I do not
want a custom tab on the Ribbon?
Reopen the program’s Options dialog box
and deselect the check box beside the
tab you created ( changes to ).
Click OK. When the program redisplays
the Ribbon, your tab will not appear.
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