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Add a Video Clip to a Slide
Add a Video Clip to a Slide
You can add video clips to your PowerPoint slides to play during a slide show presentation. For
example, when creating a presentation showcasing the latest company product, you might place a
video clip of the department head discussing the new item.
After you add a video to a slide, you can control the placement and size of the video. (For help
moving and resizing video clips and other slide objects, see the sections “Move a Slide Object” and
“Resize a Slide Object,” later in this chapter.) You can also make certain edits to the video from
within PowerPoint.
Add a Video Clip to a Slide
1 If an Insert Media Clip icon
( ) appears in your slide,
click it.
A If an Insert Media Clip icon
does not appear in your
slide, click the Video button
on the Insert tab and choose
Online Video or Video on
My PC .
The Insert Video window
Note: You can browse for videos
on your computer, your SkyDrive,
or using Bing Search or YouTube,
or you can supply an embed code
for a video stored on a website.
This example browses your
2 Click a location containing
the video clip.
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