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Add a Video Clip to a Slide
Populating Presentation Slides
The Insert Video dialog box
3 Navigate to the folder containing
the video file.
4 Select the video.
5 Click Insert .
B PowerPoint inserts the clip into
the slide.
C PowerPoint displays the Format
tab of the Video Tools tabs.
D You can click an option in the
Video Styles group to change the
appearance of the video.
E You can use the options in the
Size group to adjust the size of
the clip on the slide.
F You can click the Play button (
to play back the clip.
What tools appear on the Playback tab?
You can use the settings in the Video Options group to specify options such as when the clip should start
playing, whether it should be looped, and how loudly it should play. You can edit your video using the tools
in the Editing group; using the Fade In and Fade Out fields, you can set up the clip to fade in and fade
out. You can also click the Trim Video button to open the Trim Video dialog box, where you can change the
duration of the video by trimming frames from the beginning or end of the clip.
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