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Move a Slide Object
Move a Slide Object
You can move any element on a slide — a text box, table, chart, picture, video clip, or graphic —
to reposition it. These slide elements are often referred to as objects. For example, you might
move a text box to make room for a video clip or reposition a picture to improve the overall
appearance of the slide.
You can move a slide object using the standard Office Cut and Paste buttons, discussed in Chapter 2.
Or, you can drag and drop the object, as discussed in this section.
Move a Slide Object
1 Click the slide containing the
object that you want to move.
2 Select the slide object by
clicking it ( changes to ).
Note: To select a table or a chart,
slide the mouse pointer along any of
the object’s edges. Click when you
see the mouse pointer.
3 Drag the object to a new
location on the slide. As you
drag, changes to .
4 Release the mouse button.
A PowerPoint repositions the
You can click anywhere outside
the slide object to continue
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