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Chapter 15: Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
Reorganize Slides
You can change the order of the slides in your presentation. For example, you might want to move
a slide to appear later in the presentation, or swap the order of two adjacent slides. You can
move individual slides, or move multiple slides at once.
You can change the slide order in Slide Sorter view or in Normal view; choose the view based on
the distance from the original position to the new position. If you need to move a slide only a few
positions, use Normal view. Slide Sorter view works best when you need to move a slide to a new
position several slides away.
Reorganize Slides
Move Slides in Normal View
1 Click
to switch to Normal
2 Click to select the slide you
want to move.
Note: To move multiple slides, select
them by pressing and holding
as you click each slide.
3 Drag the slide to a new position.
A As you drag,
changes to .
4 Release the mouse button.
B PowerPoint moves the slide.
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