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Chapter 15: Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
Move Slides in Slide Sorter
1 Click to switch to Slide
Sorter view.
2 Click the slide that you want to
move to select it.
Note: To move multiple slides,
select them by pressing and holding
as you click each slide.
3 Drag the slide to a new location
in the presentation.
C As you drag,
changes to .
4 Release the mouse button.
D PowerPoint moves the slide.
How do I hide a slide?
Suppose you frequently give the same presentation, but your next
audience does not require the information in one of the presentation
slides. In that case, you can hide the slide. Click the slide, click the
Slide Show tab, and then click the Hide Slide button. PowerPoint
crosses out the slide. To unhide the slide, repeat these steps.
How do I delete a slide?
To delete a slide, click the slide
and then click the Cut button (
on the Home tab, or right-click
the slide and choose Delete Slide
from the menu that appears.
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