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Reuse a Slide
Reuse a Slide
Suppose you are creating a new PowerPoint presentation, but you want to reuse a slide from an old
one. Assuming the presentation containing the slide you want to reuse has been saved on your
hard drive or is accessible to you via a network connection, you can easily do so. You can choose the
slide you want to reuse in the Reuse Slides pane.
When you reuse a slide, PowerPoint updates the slide to match the formatting used in the new
presentation. You can reuse a single slide from a presentation, multiple slides from a presentation,
or all the slides in a presentation.
Reuse a Slide
1 Click the slide that you want
to appear before the new
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the bottom half of the
New Slide button.
4 Click Reuse Slides .
A The Reuse Slides pane opens.
5 Click the Browse button.
6 Click Browse File .
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