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Organize Slides into Sections
Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
The Rename Section dialog box
7 Type a name for the new section.
8 Click the Rename button.
A PowerPoint applies the name to
the section.
9 To hide the slides in a section,
click the section marker’s collapse
button ( ).
B PowerPoint collapses the section
and identifies the number of
slides in the section.
C You can click the section marker’s
expand button ( ) to redisplay
the slides in the section.
How do I remove a section marker?
If you decide you no longer want to group a
set of slides in a section, you can remove
the section marker. To do so, right-click the
section marker and choose Remove Section
from the menu that appears. PowerPoint
removes the marker.
How can I reorganize the sections in my presentation?
Reorganizing sections involves rearranging slides in
the presentation. To reorganize the sections in your
presentation, right-click a section’s marker and choose
Move Section Up or Move Section Down as many times
as needed. PowerPoint moves the slides in the section
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