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Create a Custom Animation
Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
7 To add your next animation, click
the Add Animation button.
Note: You add an animation using the
Add Animation button; if you choose
from the Animation Gallery, PowerPoint
overwrites the existing animation
instead of adding a new one.
8 Click an animation effect.
PowerPoint adds the effect to the
Animation pane.
9 Repeat Steps and to add more 8
animation effects to the selected
C PowerPoint places each effect
in the Animation pane in the
order you add them.
0 To preview your custom effect,
click the Preview button.
D You can also click the first
effect in the Animation pane
and then click Play From .
! To change the order in which
effects appear, click an effect
and then click the Move Up
button ( ) or the Move
Down button (
How do I remove an animation?
Select the slide element containing the animation
effect, click the Animations tab, and then click None
in the Animation Gallery. If the animation is a custom
animation, click the Animation Pane button. Then, in
the Animation pane, click the effect that you want to
remove, click the
Can I change the duration of an effect?
Yes. Select the slide element containing the effect,
click the Animation Pane button, click the effect
whose duration you want to change, click the
that appears, choose Timing , and use the settings
in the dialog box that opens to change the effect’s
that appears, and click Remove .
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