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Record Narration
Record Narration
Most presentations benefit from narration. You can speak as you present, or you can use
PowerPoint’s Record Narration feature to record a narration track to go along with the show. That
way, you do not need to be present for your audience to receive the full impact of your presentation.
To record narration for a presentation, your computer must be equipped with a microphone. When
you finish recording, an audio icon appears at the bottom of each slide for which you have recorded
narration. When you save the presentation, PowerPoint saves the recorded narration along with the
presentation file.
Record Narration
1 Click the Slide Show tab.
2 Click Record Slide Show .
A In the Record Slide Show dialog box,
select Narrations and laser pointer
( changes to ).
3 Click Start Recording to start the slide
show, and speak into the computer’s
B Click to move to the next slide in
the show and continue recording.
C Click to pause the recording. To
continue recording, click Resume
Recording in the window that appears.
D Click
to start over on the current
4 When you finish, right-click the last
slide and click End Show .
An audio indicator appears in the
lowerright corner on each slide for which you
record narration. You can click the
indicator to hear that slide’s narration.
Note: You do not need to record all narration
at one time. End the show; to later complete
the narration, select the first slide that
needs narration. Then, click the Slide Show
tab, click the bottom of the Record Slide
Show button and click From Current Slide .
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