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Create Speaker Notes
Create Speaker Notes
You can create speaker notes for your presentation. Speaker notes, also called notes pages,
are notations that you add to a slide and that you can print out and use to help you give a
presentation. You can also use speaker notes as handouts for your presentation. When creating notes
pages, PowerPoint includes any note text that you add, as well as a small picture of the actual slide.
You can add speaker notes in the Notes pane or on the Notes page.
You can print your speaker notes along with their associated slides. For details, see the tip at the
end of this section.
Create Speaker Notes
Using the Notes Pane
1 Click
to switch to Normal
2 Click a slide to which you
want to add notes.
3 Click here to display the
Notes pane.
Note: The Notes pane button
acts as a toggle; each click
displays or hides the Notes pane.
4 Click in the Notes pane and
type any notes about the
current slide that you want
to include.
Note: You can enlarge the Notes
pane. Place over the line
separating the Notes pane from
the slide (
changes to ) and
drag up.
You can repeat Steps to 4
for other slides to which you
want to add notes.
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