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Create Speaker Notes
Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
Using the Notes Page
1 Click a slide to which you want to
add notes.
2 Click the View tab.
3 Click Notes Page .
The Notes Page view opens and
displays the selected slide.
4 Click in the bottom pane and type
any notes about the current slide
that you want to include.
A You can click the Zoom button to
display the Zoom dialog box and
magnify the notes.
B You can also drag the Zoom slider
to magnify the notes.
You can edit and format your notes
text using buttons on the Home tab.
How do I print my notes with my slides?
Follow these steps. Click the File tab, and then Click Print . Click
to select your printer. In the Settings section, click
for the
second setting and click Notes Pages ( A ). Click Print .
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