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Rehearse a Slide Show
Rehearse a Slide Show
You can determine exactly how long PowerPoint displays each slide during a presentation using
PowerPoint’s Rehearse Timings feature. When you use Rehearse Timings, PowerPoint switches to
Slide Show mode, displaying your slides in order; you control when PowerPoint advances to the next
slide in the show.
When recording how long PowerPoint displays each slide, you should rehearse what you want to say
during each slide as well as allow the audience time to read the entire content of each slide. After you
record the timings, PowerPoint saves them for use when you present the slide show to your audience.
Rehearse a Slide Show
1 Click
to switch to Slide Sorter
2 Click the Slide Show tab.
3 Click the Rehearse Timings button.
PowerPoint switches to Slide Show
view and displays the first slide.
A PowerPoint displays the Record
Slide Show toolbar and starts
a timer.
4 Rehearse what you want to say.
B Click to pause the timer. To
restart the timer, click Resume
Recording in the window that
C To cancel the timer on a slide
and start timing that slide again,
click .
5 When you finish timing the first
slide, click
to proceed to the
next slide.
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