Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Run a Slide Show
Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
Work with Thumbnails
1 Click the See All Slides button
( ).
C PowerPoint displays thumbnails
of all slides in your presentation.
2 Click any slide to display it in
Slide Show mode.
Point Out Slide Information
1 Click the Pen and Laser Pointer
Tools button (
2 Select a tool.
D When you move the mouse
pointer over the slide, the mouse
appears as the tool you selected.
Note: To redisplay , repeat Steps
and , selecting the same tool. 2
To erase all marks, click the Pen
and Laser Pointer Tools button
( ) and then click Erase All
Ink on Slide .
Can I change the color of the ink I use for pen
and laser pointer tools?
Yes. Follow the steps in the subsection “Point Out
Slide Information” once to select a pointing tool
and once again to select the tool’s color. The order
in which you make these selections does not matter.
Can I hide a slide while I talk?
Yes. You can do this by changing the screen color
to black or white. Click the Menu button ( ) and
point the mouse at Screen . Then click Black Screen
or White Screen . Presenter view contains a shortcut
Black Screen button ( ). To redisplay the slide,
click anywhere on-screen.
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