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Run a Slide Show
Run a Slide Show (continued)
You can call the audience’s attention to objects by zooming in on them. This approach can be useful
if you display a slide for a lengthy time; zooming in can recapture your audience’s attention.
Many people like to work in PowerPoint’s Presenter view, which displays your notes as you present,
but your audience sees only your slides. If you present on two monitors, PowerPoint automatically
uses Presenter view to display notes and slides on separate monitors. Using only one monitor, you
can still set up your presentation to use Presenter view.
Run a Slide Show (continued)
Zoom an Object
1 Click the Zoom button (
A PowerPoint grays the slide
background and displays a
lighted square that you can
use to focus on an object.
2 Slide over the object you
want to enlarge and click.
B PowerPoint zooms in on the
To redisplay the original size
of the slide, press
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