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Package Your Presentation on a CD
Package Your Presentation on a CD
To share your PowerPoint presentation with others, you can save it to a CD. With the Package
for CD feature, PowerPoint bundles the presentation along with all of the necessary clip art,
multimedia elements, and other items needed to run your show, including any linked files contained
in your presentation. The CD even includes a PowerPoint Viewer with the file in case the recipient
does not have PowerPoint installed on his or her computer.
If you prefer, you can save your presentation as a WMV movie file that includes any narration and
timings you record.
Package Your Presentation on a CD
1 Click the File tab.
2 Click Export .
3 Click Package Presentation
for CD .
4 Click Package for CD .
The Package for CD dialog
box appears.
5 Type a name no longer than
16 characters for the CD.
6 Click Copy to CD .
Note: PowerPoint prompts you to
insert a blank CD; do so and click
Retry .
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