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Package Your Presentation on a CD
Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
If your presentation contains
linked files, PowerPoint asks
you if you want to include
those files on the CD.
7 If you trust the source of
each linked file, click Yes .
PowerPoint copies the
presentation files.
The size of the presentation
determines how long copying
When PowerPoint finishes
copying the presentation,
a dialog box appears.
8 Click No.
Note: If you want to continue
packing additional copies of the
presentation, you can click Yes .
9 Click Close .
The Package for CD dialog
box closes.
How do I save my presentation as a video?
To save your presentation as a video, follow these steps.
Click the File tab and then click Export . Click Create a
Video . Click and choose a quality level ( A ). Click
and specify whether PowerPoint should use recorded
narration and timings ( B ). Click Create Video ( C ). In
the Save As dialog box, specify the file name, type, and
folder in which PowerPoint should save the video. Click
the Save button. PowerPoint saves the presentation as a
video in the folder you specified.
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