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Using an Office Program on a Tablet PC
Using an Office Program on a Tablet PC
If you are using Office 2013 with Windows 8 on a tablet PC, you need to know some basic touch
gestures. Using a tablet PC is a different experience than using a computer with a keyboard and
mouse, but Windows 8 was built with the tablet PC in mind, so the touch gestures are intuitive and
easy to learn.
On a tablet PC, you use your fingers (or sometimes a stylus, if your tablet comes with one) to run
applications, select items, and manipulate screen objects. This might seem awkward at first, but just
a little practice of the gestures in this section will make your experience natural and easy.
Using an Office Program on a Tablet PC
Start a Program
Note: This section uses Word to
demonstrate gestures.
1 Position your finger or the stylus
over a blank spot toward the
bottom of the Windows 8 Start
2 Quickly move your finger or the
stylus across the tablet screen
called swiping — from the right
edge to the left edge of the tablet.
Windows 8 displays the tiles on
the right side of the Start
3 Tap the Word tile to switch to
the Desktop and open Word to
the Word Start screen.
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