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Chapter 16: Database Basics
Database Basics
You can enter your database records directly into
an Access table or you can simplify the process
by using a form . Access forms present your table
fields in an easy-to-read, fill-in-the-blank
format. Forms allow you to enter records one at
a time. Forms are a great way to ensure
consistent data entry, particularly if other users
are adding information to your database list.
Reports and Queries
You can use the report feature to summarize
data in your tables and generate printouts
of pertinent information, such as your top
ten salespeople and your top-selling
products. You can use queries to sort and
filter your data. For example, you can
choose to view only a few of your table
fields and filter them to match certain
Plan a Database
The first step to building an Access database
is deciding what sort of data you want it to
contain. What sorts of actions do you want
to perform on your data? How do you want
to organize it? How many tables of data do
you need? What types of fields do you need
for your records? What sort of reports and
queries do you hope to create? Consider
sketching out on paper how you want to
group the information into tables and how
the tables will relate to each other. Planning
your database in advance can save you time
when you build the database file.
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