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Create a Database Based on a Template
Create a Database Based on a Template
You can build web apps — a new kind of database designed with Access and published online —
or desktop databases based on any of the predefined Access templates. For example, you can
create databases to track contact lists, assets, and task management. You can also search
to find new, featured templates. This topic focuses on building desktop databases.
When you create a new database using a template, the database includes pre-built tables and forms,
which you populate with your own data. You control the structure of your database by modifying or
eliminating preset tables and fields and adding database content such as tables, forms, and reports.
Create a Database Based on a Template
1 Start Access.
Note: You can also create a new database
from within Access; click the File tab and
then click New .
A On the Access start screen or the New
screen, templates appear.
B You can search for additional
templates online at by
typing keywords here.
2 Click a template.
Note: To build a database, select a
template that contains “Desktop” as the
first word in its name. Web app template
names do not contain the word “Desktop.”
A window appears, displaying the
template information.
C To view the next or previous template,
click these buttons.
3 Type a new name in the File Name
4 To change the folder in which you
store the database file, click the
Open button ( ).
Note: If you are satisfied with the folder
Access suggests, skip to Step .
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