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Create a Database Based on a Template
Database Basics
The File New Database dialog
box appears.
5 Locate and select the folder
in which you want to store
the database file.
6 Click OK.
7 Click Create .
D Access downloads the template and
creates a new, blank database, ready
for data.
Note: The Getting Started window for the
Contacts Management Database appears.
You can watch videos associated with the
database or you can click
to close the
8 A security warning appears; to hide
the warning and enable the macros in
this template, click Enable Content .
How do I know what fields to keep in or remove from my table?
To determine the fields you need in your database, decide the kinds of information you want to track in
your database and the types of reports and queries you want to generate to view your data. For best results,
use the suggested fields; you can always remove or hide fields that you do not use at a later time. (For help
removing or hiding fields from a table, see the sections “Delete a Field from a Table” and “Hide a Field in a
Table” later in this chapter.)
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