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Create a New Table
Create a New Table
Access databases store all data in tables. A table is a list of information organized into columns and
rows that hold data. A table might list the names, addresses, phone numbers, company names,
titles, and e-mail addresses of your clients. Each row in a table is considered a record . You can use
columns to hold fields , which are the individual units of information contained within a record.
If you need to add a table to a database, you can easily do so. All table objects that you create
appear listed in the Navigation pane; simply double-click a table object to open it.
Create a New Table
1 With your database open in
Access, click the Create tab.
2 Click the Table button.
A Access creates a new table and
displays it in Datasheet view.
Note: See the next section, “Change
Table Views,” to learn more about
Datasheet view.
3 To name a field, click the Click
to Add link at the top of the
field column.
4 Click the type of field you want
to add.
In this example a Short Text
field is added.
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