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Change Table Views
Change Table Views
You can view your table data using two different view modes: Datasheet view and Design view. In
Datasheet view, the table appears as an ordinary grid of intersecting columns and rows where you
can enter data. In Design view, you can view the skeletal structure of your fields and their properties
and modify the design of the table.
In either view, you can add fields by typing new field names in the Field Name column, or change
the field names. In Design view, you can also change the type of data allowed within a field, such as
text or number data.
Change Table Views
Switch to Design View
1 Open any table by double-clicking
it in the Navigation pane.
A Access displays the table in the
default Datasheet view.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the bottom half of the View
4 Click Design View .
Note: You can quickly toggle between
Datasheet view and Design view by
clicking the top half of the View
B Access displays the table in
Design view.
C The bottom of the view
displays the properties of the
field you select in the top of
the view.
D Access displays the Table Tools
Design tab.
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