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Change Table Views
Database Basics
Switch to Datasheet View
1 Click the Home tab.
2 Click the bottom half of the
View button.
3 Click Datasheet View .
Note: You can quickly switch
from Design view to Datasheet
view by clicking the top half of
the View button.
E Access displays the default
Datasheet view of the table.
Do all Access objects have the same views?
No. All Access objects have a Design view, but other
available views depend on the object you select in
the Navigation pane. For example, in addition to a
Design view, reports have a Report view, a Print
Preview, and a Layout view, and forms have a Form
view and a Layout view.
What is the purpose of the Field Properties area
in Design view?
The Field Properties area enables you to change the
design of the field, specifying how many characters
the field can contain, whether fields can be left
blank, and other properties.
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