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Add a Field to a Table
Add a Field to a Table
You can add fields to your table to include more information in your records. For example, you may
need to add a separate field to a Contacts table for mobile phone numbers. Alternatively, you may
need to add a field to a table that contains a catalog of products to track each product’s availability.
After you add a field, you can name it whatever you want. To name a field, double-click the field
label in Datasheet view, type a new name, and press the Enter key. Alternatively, you can change the
field name in Design view.
Add a Field to a Table
1 Double-click to open the table to
which you want to add a field in
Datasheet view.
2 Click the column heading to the
left of where you want to insert
a new field.
Note: Access adds the column for the
new field to the right of the column
you select.
3 Click the Fields tab.
4 In the Add & Delete group, click
the button for the type of field
you want to add.
In this example, a Short Text
field is added.
A Access adds the new field.
Note: You can rename the field by
typing a new name and pressing
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