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Delete a Field from a Table
Delete a Field from a Table
You can delete a field that you no longer need in a table. For example, if your employee contact
information database contains a Pager Number field, you might opt to delete that field.
When you remove a field, Access permanently removes any data contained within the field for every
record in the table. If you do not want to delete the information in the field, you might choose to
hide the field. For information, see the next section, “Hide a Field in a Table.”
Delete a Field from a Table
1 Double-click to open the table that
you want to edit in Datasheet view.
2 Click the column header for the field
you want to remove.
A Access selects the entire column.
3 Click the Fields tab.
4 Click the Delete button.
B Access prompts you to confirm the
5 Click Yes .
Note: You might also see a message
warning you that deleting the field will
also delete an index; click Yes .
C Access removes the field and any
record content for the field from the
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