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Hide a Field in a Table
Hide a Field in a Table
Suppose your table contains fields that you do not want to view on a regular basis, but that you
do not want to delete from the table. For example, a table containing a catalog of products might
include a field indicating the country in which the product was manufactured — information that
you might not need to view on a regular basis but still need occasionally. You also might hide a field
to prevent another user on your computer from seeing the field. Whatever the reason, you can hide
the field. When you are ready to view the field again, you can easily unhide it.
Hide a Field in a Table
1 Double-click the table that
you want to edit to open it
in Datasheet view.
2 Right-click the column
heading of the field you want
to hide.
3 Click Hide Fields .
A Access hides the field.
Note: To view the field again,
rightclick any column heading and click
Unhide Fields . In the Unhide Columns
dialog box that appears, select the
column that you want to display again
( changes to ), and click Close .
Access displays the hidden field as the
last column in the table.
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