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Move a Field in a Table
Move a Field in a Table
You can change the order of fields in a table. Moving fields is particularly useful if you built your
database from a predesigned template, because you may want to reorder fields to suit the way
you enter data for each record.
Moving a field changes its position in Datasheet view but does not change the order of the fields in the
table design. If you create a form after reordering fields, the form fields appear in their original position.
Move a Field in a Table
1 Double-click the table that you
want to edit to open it in
Datasheet view.
2 Click the column heading of the
field you want to move.
A Access selects the entire column.
3 Drag the column to a new
position in the table (
to ).
B A bold vertical line marks the new
location of the column as you
4 Release the mouse button.
C Access moves the field to the
new location.
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