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Create a Form
Create a Form
Although you can enter data into your database by typing it directly into an Access table, you can
simplify data entry, especially if someone else will be entering the data, by creating a form based
on your table. Forms present your table fields in an easy-to-read, fill-in-the-blank format. When you
create a form based on a table, Access inserts fields into the form for each field in the table.
Forms, which enable you to enter records one at a time, are a great way to help ensure accurate data
entry, particularly if other users are adding information to your database.
Create a Form
1 Double-click the table that
you want to edit to open it
in Datasheet view.
2 Click the Create tab.
3 Click the Form button.
A Access creates the form.
4 Click the Close button (
to close the form.
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